Our History

SHT Engine Cooling can trace its history back to the UK’s first honeycomb automotive radiator plant.


Established by Oscar Serck in 1907 as Serck Radiators, we changed our name to SHT Engine Cooling in 2007. We have been based in Birmingham, UK, for over 110 years.


Our factory was designated the National Aircraft Radiator factory from 1914 to 1918 and later, manufactured every WW2 Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft oil cooler and radiator built.

We provided radiator and oil cooling solutions for the first Morris motor cars, the Le Mans winning Bentleys of the early 1930s and famous aircraft such as the VC10 and the Vulcan bomber which carried Britain’s nuclear deterrent for many years. Some of our history, past to present is depicted below.


We have won many prestigious awards, for example in 1999, the company received the UK’s top industrial award, the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement. This was for the development of the exhaust gas cooler (that is, the EGR cooler). Although we exited the high-volume EGR business some years ago, we continue to provide lower volume solutions of 2000 to 15000 units per annum.

Naturally, with such a rich history, the Serck honeycomb remains our logo to this day.


Today we specialise primarily in wheeled or tracked vehicles and industrial applications providing cooling solutions ranging from the Bradley Fighting Vehicle or for customers as diverse as Jaguar Land Rover, Terex, and Neuson. Primarily, we manufacture either complete cooling packs or individually supplied radiators, transmission oil coolers, hydraulic oil coolers, engine oil coolers, combi-coolers, intercoolers and exhaust gas coolers (EGR coolers).